Teak Investment Plans

Plan Term 15 years

kovidha investment plan

Plan Term 20 years – Paying term 10 years

kovidha investment plan

Value increment of Teak from 1998 to 2018

value increment of teak

Value increment of Teak from 1994 to 2014

value increment of teak

Teak Cultivation

Teak is a first class timber species in the local timber market. Architects, furniture manufacturers and interior designers use more teak for their work because of its durability, strength and attractive look

There is high demand for teak timber in the local and foreign markets. Therefore; countries such as India, Malaysia, Burma and Africa grow teak as a commercial cultivation in large scale projects. They provide long term investment opportunities which are safe and attractive. Kowida Plantations Company, a local forest cultivation company, has already provided these attractive investment opportunities to you.

Growth Rate of Teak Prices

The following diagram depicts how the price of a cubic meter of teak timber has gone up during the last 20 years. According to that, the growth rate of teak timber price has gone beyond 600%. (1994 - Rs.12450 to 2014 - 82077).

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